You can always email gamenannyio @

We also run a weekly Happy Hour which is a videochat about Game Nanny. Anyone can join and ask questions:

What’s happy hour?

Happy Hour is a chance for you to talk with me about any questions you have around Game Nanny, parenting of Xbox kids or any other related subject. It’s free of charge and open to the public so you might have to share the time with others. Finally if you’re considering signing up and unsure, this is a great way to get any lingering questions addressed.

I encourage enjoying a tasty beverage during Happy Hour. I’ll stick to coffee at 9am but I understand it’s 5pm somewhere. Note the video chat site only works in newer versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

A/V tips: use headphones to avoid speaker echo and use Ethernet if possible to avoid wifi lag and drops.

Thanks to Mike at Consensys for the Happy Hour idea.