Game Nanny

Never be surprised by your kid's XBox spending again!

What Is Game Nanny?

Game Nanny is purchase monitoring and alerting for your kid's XBox account. Game Nanny's premise is really, really simple - you should never be surprised by your kid's XBox spending. You shouldn't check your credit card and suddenly discover a $347.82 bill.

Set easy to use budgets for each of your gaming kids


Game Nanny lets you monitor five things:

  • Spending - Set a daily, weekly or monthly threshold where you want to be alerted
  • Content Level - Don't think your kid should be playing MA games? We'll let you know
  • Griefing / Bullying - changing your Gamer Tag too frequently is generally a sign of bad online behavior. Again we'll let you know
  • Account Usage - If your kid stops using his current XBox account, that is usually a sign they created a new account that you don't know about. Again we'll let you know.
  • Password Changes - If your kid changes his XBox password, we're going to know and we'll tell you so you can be aware of that.

See all spending at any time

Get alerted by what matters to your parenting!
Send alerts to any care giver responsible for your kids


Depending on your plan, you can be alerted by email or text message or both. Alerts can go out to different people based on how you set the monitoring options.

Alerts can arrive by email

Alerts can arrive by text message

I'm Scott and I Built This


My name is Scott and I'm a parent, I bet a lot like you. I recently discovered that one of my children has been using my credit card to purchase things in the XBox store -- a lot of things. That $347.82 bill I mentioned above, well, that's true -- and it was just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm also a software developer and I'll admit that while I realized immediately that I had a parenting problem, this was also an opportunity -- and the very next morning I started building Game Nanny.

As parents, even if we don't like video games, we should admit that our kids love them -- but they can be addictive and lead to crazy bad behavior. I'm not the first parent to be surprised by his kid's gaming spending and I won't be the last.

Use Game Nanny to take control of your kid's XBox bad habits. Don't be surprised again!

Scott johnson

Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see how Game Nanny works.